1. Invest in rain gear!

As we shift gears from summer to fall, we are entering the rainy season. Gone are the days of endless sunshine, but that should not stop you from being active. Invest now in a raincoat, rain pants, and rain boots, and make an effort to go outside. The puddles are waiting!

2. Track those steps

Little known fact, you probably have a pedometer in your pocket and didn’t even know it. If you have a smartphone, your device may be tracking your steps already. First, write down how many steps you take each day, and then set a goal on how many steps you think you can take. To increase accountability, make it a competition with family members and friends to see who can take the most steps in a day.

3. Set time limits on apps on your devices

Being on our screens is sometimes like a time warp. It’s easy to get distracted and spend much more time on our devices than we intend. The more time we spend on our screens means the less time we are moving our bodies. Our devices are actually quite smart, and they can help you to achieve these goals. Many smartphones will allow you to set limits on your screen time for specific applications (e.g. social media!). You can also set alarms to encourage movement such as “It’s 5 o’clock, do 20 jumping jacks”.

4. Make it a family affair!

Being active does not mean that you have to train to climb Mt. Rainier. Even taking a 20-30 minute walk together as a family after dinner (bring your flashlights on those darker evenings), can make a huge difference to your mental and metabolic health.

5. Get creative inside!

During the pandemic, we all spent our share of time inside. Even if we cannot get outside, we can still be active. Seek out opportunities to do yoga or dancing online. Cosmic Kids Yoga is a great program that incorporates familiar stories into yoga routines. If you have a Nintendo Switch, check out games like “Just Dance” or “Zumba Burn It UP” to break a sweat at home.

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