Pediatric Resilience is a program for children, for families of children, and for any and all of us concerned about the health and wellbeing of children.   


Because today, unlike any other time in history, children are facing a crisis.  They are being hit with a multitude of health issues, brought on largely by the byproducts of modern society.  Specifically pertaining to poor dietary habits, the modern food industry, putting wealth above health, has been feeding us tainted products that cause disease.   Across all communities big and small, nationally and internationally,  children born today will be faced with a societal epidemic of Metabolic Syndrome (MetS).  Once practically unheard of, this disease now affects at least 25% of teenagers in the U.S. alone.

Having MetS increases the risk of several chronic problems including cardiovascular, kidney, gastrointestinal, and liver disease, Type 2 diabetes, arthritis, mental health illness, stroke, and cancer.  MetS is one of the leading reasons that today’s children are expected to have a shortened life expectancy, compared to their parents. MetS unfortunately, disproportionately affects the children of specific ethnic groups and those from disadvantaged socioeconomic environments, especially Indigenous populations.  

Witnessing the dangers associated with the growing epidemic of MetS amongst children in their community, a group of pediatric healthcare providers in Seattle, Washington decided to build a grass-roots, team-based, multidisciplinary program to help children and families. They hope to help bring awareness to the pandemic of MetS and to use this website to share resources so that we can all help each other stem the tide of pediatric MetS. With the right knowledge and motivation comes power. Power to reverse and prevent diet and lifestyle-driven diseases. Together, our power will make us stronger and more resilient.  Resilient to endure in the fight to reverse the onslaught of diet and lifestyle-driven diseases.  Together, let’s save future generations from a lifetime of poor health.  

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