Join a network and a community that supports our children’s health. We encourage collaboration and grass-roots efforts to bring about lasting change to our food culture and environment. Let’s support the worldwide movement connecting food and health, and embrace the most current science supporting our metabolism.

Sadly today, many children suffer from chronic illnesses that were basically non-existent when most of us, the team that created Resilience™ were born. In the last half-century, we, as pediatric healthcare professionals, have seen our medical practices undergo transformational changes forcing us to focus more on treating children with what were once diseases that only adults experienced, like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, fatty liver, and obesity.  We now know that a diet rich in ultra-processed (“food-like substances”) is the underlying cause of this flood of chronic diet-related diseases in our children. We built the Resilience™ program from our experiences treating Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver disease (NAFLD) and Metabolic Syndrome (MetS) in our multidisciplinary clinic located at Swedish Hospital in Seattle, Washington. We find that much of the medical community still has to learn that weight, Body Mass Index (BMI), obesity, and the potential for lifelong chronic conditions are the symptoms – not the cause – of the problem.  

This is a website lovingly built for a growing community of families who want to join together in order to undo the common myths around obesity and chronic disease. At the core of our beliefs is the simple principle we call, “J.E.R.F” (Just Eat Real Food).  We need to take our health care into our own hands and reject the propaganda, marketing, and myths surrounding obesity and food.  


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