Dr. Uma‘s Dal

Dal for dinner. Dal for lunch. Dare we say, Dal for breakfast too? Once you try this recipe, your “meal boundaries” may be blurred forever.


Quiche for dinner? Quiche for lunch? Quiche for breakfast? Once you try this recipe, it no longer makes a difference what time of day it is… because this quiche is ALWAYS DELICIOUS!


Is it a salad? A cold soup? A quick meal? Check. Check. Check. Click here to enjoy this delicious recipe.

Nurse Kathleen’s Kimchi Pancake will change your pancake world!
This is a great weekday recipe using pantry staples.Dinner is ready in an instant! Click here to make your gut happy.

Anytime Salmon

Olive oil or butter? To flip or not to flip? When is it done? Stovetop or Oven? Fresh or frozen? Wild or cultivated? What seasonings can be used? These questions and more are all addressed here in this delicious recipe.

Nurse Kathleen’s Halal Street Chicken
is a crowd-pleasing weeknight favorite.
Click here and become the most popular cook on the block!

Health Coach Kristen’s Stuffed Acorn Squash 

This delicious dish can serve as a side dish or entree.  Health Coach Kristen was inspired to make this for her family on Thanksgiving, thanks to a recipe from America’s Test Kitchen (ATK) Online Cooking School. She made her own version of it and here it is for you!

Dr. Uma’s Rainbow Pizza

Who says pizza can’t be part of a healthy diet?
Here’s a way to get all your phytonutrients and tons of fiber, all while having a slice of pizza pie!
The crust recipe
 can be adapted for vegetarians and vegans.

Click here and slice away!

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