Welcome and so happy you are here to join us!  We are a group of passionate pediatric health care specialists in Seattle, WA, excited to share what we know about the most important, basic principles that lead to optimal health.   Resilience™ has been built with love and our compassionate desire to encapsulate decades of combined healthcare experience, to share sound scientific principles with you, backed with our real stories.

Whether you were referred here by your child’s medical team, or recommended by a friend (or just came across our site by pure happenstance!), we are so grateful you found us!  We encourage you to spend some time digging deep into our website. Please get to know us and all the wonderful things we want to show and share with you! 

At the heart of our program, is the principle of resilience.  

Children are resilient.  You are resilient.  It’s  what we love most about pediatrics – the resilience of our patients.  Taking care of children who are resilient and strong gives us strength and hope.  Together, we want to advocate for our kids. We know that if we all come together, we have more influence than as individuals.  Our dream is to build a network so that together as a community for the sake of our children and their children, we can resiliently lead a grass-roots effort to bring about lasting change to our food culture and environment. We encourage you to collaborate with us. Together let’s lead a community-wide resistance against food industry spin and propaganda.  We reject the “status quo” when it comes to treating chronic medical diseases. We believe that we are all more than “our diseases” and medical conditions.  Together, we can and will resiliently resist Big Food and Big Pharma and save our children from a lifetime of chronic, preventable diseases.

Sadly today, many children suffer from chronic illnesses that were basically non-existent when most of us, the team that created Resilience™ were born.  In a mere 40-50 years, we, as pediatric healthcare professionals, have seen our own medical practices undergo transformational changes forcing us to focus more on treating children with what were once adult-onset diseases like type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure, liver cirrhosis, and obesity. At the core of everything we know, is that a diet rich in ultra-processed “food like substances” is the underlying cause of this sea change. We built Resilience™ from our experiences treating NAFLD and MetS in our multidisciplinary clinic, located in Seattle, WA. We find that much of the medical community still has to learn that weight, BMI, obesity, and the potential for lifelong chronic conditions are the result of the issue—not the issue in and of itself.

This is a website lovingly built for families to undo the common myths around obesity and chronic disease.  At the core of our beliefs is the principle we call, “J.E.R.F”  (Just Eat Real Food). We need to take our health care back from the food industry propaganda and myths surrounding obesity and calories.

Explore the three main areas of the website: Care, Community, Food.

“There comes a point where we need to stop just pulling people out of the river.

We need to go upstream and find out why they’re falling in.”

Desmond Tutu

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