“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” is a phrase often attributed to Hippocrates. Historians argue over what he actually said, but you won’t find any argument with this axiom here. We know that less than 30% of medical doctors are required to take even one course in nutrition. This is a stunning omission since the majority of chronic diseases are caused by poor diet, or at the very least, exacerbated by it. This section of the RESILIENCE site focuses on food and provides recipes, resources, and tips that can help your family improve your health and well-being.

Ok, here is the good news and the bad news all at once! In order for our children and families to be healthy, we are all going to have to learn some science as well as to learn how to cook! Fast food and processed foods may be quick, and maybe cheap, but we can’t rely on others to make healthy foods for our family. We know, because some of us are single parents, or have families where both parents are working, that many of you struggle with making healthy, home-cooked meals every day.

Let’s explore the many facets of healthy eating as a family. Together we will learn about the nutrients and nutrition science needed to support healthy children and how to prepare simple, healthy foods that are appealing to the whole family. We will cover the whole spectrum of nutrition – from prenatal nutrition to feeding infants, the transition to solid foods, and how we can teach children to love foods that are both healthy and delicious. We will look at school food, and snacks after school. We will shed light on the impact of food marketing on children, how to handle food allergies, and how to prevent metabolic conditions related to diet. Food is the vital link between nutrition and your children’s health. Our approach will always be to provide practical information, skills, and recipes that can be made by beginner or advanced cooks. We will do our best to share recipes that are relatively quick and easy to make, and demonstrate how you can involve the kids in making meals because we know how vital it is to teach our children to prepare and cook real food at home. 


Explore the world of salads here! We love salads because there is a salad for everyone, no matter what your dietary preference is.
Click here for loads of salad fun and ideas.


We all love snacks, but they often aren’t healthy. Here we share loads of healthy ideas and recipes for snacks that the whole family can enjoy!

Click here for Snackaliscious Fun!


We plan to bring you miles of meals! Look no further for ideas for healthy meals that are guaranteed to please even the most finicky family members.

Click here for meals that are fun and easy to prepare.


Start off the day right, focusing on your health and well-being. We offer healthy, whole-food recipes that appeal to different tastes (plant and animal-based).
Click here for some great breakfast recipes that are easy to prepare and delicious!


Who doesn’t love dessert? The problem is that so many desserts are loaded with sugar and unhealthy ingredients.
How about some recipes that are rewarding and indulgent, without the harmful effects?

Click here for Delicious Desserts!


The last meal of the day you say? Let’s make the whole family happy and healthy!

Click here for suppers that are easy to prepare and loaded with healthy ingredients.

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