Muffin in a Bowl

Great “go to” recipe for a quick and easy morning healthy “muffin in a bowl” that is super-filling, super healthy, and delicious too!  Click here to find try this fantastic breakfast recipe! 

Dr. Uma’s Goop

Inspired by her husband’s breakfast creation, Dr. Uma’s dish is quick and customizable. Perfect for a quick snack or complete breakfast!


This easy-peasy recipe and become a staple for mornings when you just don’t have much time!

Nurse Kathleen’s Almond Flour Bagels

This is a base recipe for customizable bagel flavors. You’ll be amazed at how pillow-y and light, yet satisfying these are.

Kimchi Kickstart Breakfast
This breakfast combo – nutrient and fiber-rich leafy greens, protein, healthy fats and, of course, probiotics and digestive enzymes – jumpstarts your metabolism and energy production while keeping your blood sugar stable. It’s a great start to a healthy day. Click here for the full recipe!

Dr. Uma’s Autumn Spiced Apple Chia Pudding

It’s not challenging to have all of these ingredients in your home at all times. Dr. Uma’s autumn spiced apple chia pudding and be adapted with seasonal ingredients.  Watch Nurse Kathleen and Dr. Uma create this in the kitchen!

Eggaliscious recipes to keep the family fed, healthy, and happy.


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