What is a healthy meal? Fast food is only cheap and fast when you don’t include all the doctor’s visits. However, we know the average family doesn’t have loads of time to shop and cook, so what we can we do to help? We will share meals that are not only easy to make, but easy to shop for and prep. We will share “Real Food Hacks” that will save you time and deliver on price, flavor, and fun!


Start off the day right, focusing on your health and well-being. We offer healthy, whole-food recipes that appeal to different tastes (plant and animal-based).
Click here for some great breakfast recipes that are easy to prepare and delicious!


Who doesn’t love dessert? The problem is that so many desserts are loaded with sugar and unhealthy ingredients.
How about some recipes that are rewarding and indulgent, without the harmful effects?

Click here for Delicious Desserts!


The last meal of the day you say? Let’s make the whole family happy and healthy!

Click here for suppers that are easy to prepare and loaded with healthy ingredients.

Protein Focus

You can build a whole meal around a healthy piece of protein. This can be plant or animal-based. Finding healthy proteins that your family likes, and then adding a salad or vegetable can be easy and affordable. With a little “presentation,” we can avoid starchy carbs and keep the meal lean and nutritious.

Finger Food

Who needs forks and knives? We all love finger food! Who doesn’t love licking their fingers after a delicious meal? The whole family can enjoy these simple healthy meals – all we need are plenty of napkins to go around!

Anytime Food

Some recipes defy being categorized as breakfast, lunch, or dinner. And when you are hungry for some real food, who cares! These recipes will never disappoint, no matter what time of day you choose to consume them.

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