Who doesn’t love a good snack? Emphasis on good, as in nutritious, healthy, and fun. Here we bring you some of our favorites that only take minutes to assemble and can please even some of the most finicky eaters.

Watch Nurse Kathleen and Dr. Uma create 3 creamy, mouth-watering dips (hummus, muhammara and green dip). While the video shows them created to go with their Seedy Green Crackers & crudités (see separate video), these same dips could easily go with a variety of savory side dishes and snacks! Recipes below…


Dr. Jonah Essers, our GI partner, says this is the best hummus recipe from chef Michael Solomonov. We think he is right. Click here to find out what all the excitement is about.

Magic Green Sauce

A creamy, mouth-watering snack recipe that Dietitian Leslie gives to her patients. It makes a great dip, salad dressing, sauce, or marinade.

Roasted Red Pepper Dip

This is a flavorful dip that adds a nice tangy, spicy flavor to accompany crudites or crackers!  We used jarred roasted peppers and omitted the molasses and bread crumbs, but it still tastes great! Click here for the great recipe!

Almond Flour Bagels – Yum Yum Yum!

Click here for this great recipe!

How to add probiotics to dips

A guide to incorporating Puréed Probiotics into everyday meals from breakfast to dinner – and even some midnight snacks! Firefly puréed their Classic Kraut to make it super quick and simple to add more probiotic veggies to your meals and snacks. The flavor can either be played up or masked depending on the needs of the dish. Click here and dip away!


Firefly’s most sought-after recipe, made to celebrate winning their first Good Food Award.
They suggest making a double batch because you’ll want to eat it with everything!

Click here and see what all the excitement is about.

Dr. Uma’s Fruit Salad

 A fabulous but simple, yet adaptable, fruit salad.

Nurse Kathleen’s Seedy Green Crackers

This fun green cracker recipe was adapted by Nurse Kathleen.
Watch her and Dr. Uma have fun creating these delicious and wholesome snacks from scratch!

Protein (Focused) Snacks

Healthy protein snacks can be filling and keep the kids satisfied until the next meal. We offer simple solutions that can be prepared quickly or in advance. Check out the protein focus page.

Dr. Uma‘s Seed Crackers

Who needs store-bought crackers when you can have these easy-to-make, oh-so-crispy, and oh-so-fiber-rich crispies instead?! Click here for some oh-so-crispy fun!

Tumeric Hummus

This hummus makes a unique and tasty dip that will leave people wondering how to achieve this depth of flavor. The turmeric and tahini create an earthy undertone, while the kraut, ginger and lemon juice brighten each bite. We especially love the gorgeous yellow this hummus takes on from the anti-inflammatory turmeric. Click here to try the delicious version of hummus!

Nurse Kathleen’s Almond Flour Bagels

Finger foods are healthy and good for any time of day. And, well, who needs forks?
Click here and have some napkins handy. 

Olive Tapenade, anyone?

This simple olive tapenade recipe can be made in mere minutes and packs some great flavor. Click here to find out how to create this delicious spread for your crackers, bread and more.

Chocolate, Fiber, and Seeds. Need we say more?

Here’s a great way to combine the health benefits of dark chocolate and fiber-rich goodness of seeds!  A yummy sweet and savory snack that is satisfying anytime! Click here.

Sun-Dried Tomato Tapenade

If you are looking for the perfect spread for your crackers or a tasty addition to your pasta look no further than this Sun-dried tomato tapenade. Click here

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