Anytime Food

It is always nice to have some meals squared away in the freezer that you can pull out and put in the microwave to feed the hungry hoards. Appetites don’t always line up with conventional meal times, and family schedules are more complicated than ever. So consider having some of these recipes cooked up and waiting on standby for whenever you need to dish them out to your loved ones.

Dal is so easy to cook up in large batches and then freeze in containers to have at the ready. Dr. Uma’s Dal will never disappoint and can be a whole meal or a nice complement to salad or entree to a full dinner.

Beans, beans, the musical fruit, The more you eat, the more you toot, The more you toot, the better you feel. So let’s have beans with every meal. Yes, it’s true, high fiber foods can make you “toot.” But that’s a good thing! Having a batch of cooked beans in the freezer is always a good idea. You can quickly heat them up, dress them up, and feed the troops anytime. Then let the song-making begin!

Heeeeyyyy Soup! Yah soup, so much soup and so little time! Another great goto solution. Cook these recipes up in large batches and have them ready in the freezer whenever the soup call comes!

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