Lemon from Heaven

Traditional lemonade is often made with loads of sugar. This alternative provides loads of flavor and plant-based constituents that promote health. While drinking sugary beverages often just makes one thirstier, this delicious summertime treat cuts the heat and the thirst like a champ.


(Fresh or dried, but we advise keeping all these plants in your garden, if you are lucky enough to have one).

  • Lemon Grass (Cympopogon Citratus) – one stalk
  • Lemon Balm (Melissa Officinalis) – one handful
  • Lemon Verbena (Aloysa Cirtodora) – one handful
  • Half a Lemon (squeezed)


Pour boiling water over fresh herbs in a tempered glass pitcher. Let steep and cool. No need to remove the herbs. 

Once ice cold, add a squeezed lemon before serving over ice.



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