With these kebabs, you get both an array of phytonutrients and flavor.  Can easily be prepped ahead of time, grilled either in an air fryer, traditional oven, on a traditional BBQ grill, or even stovetop.  (Note:  red onion and pineapple were not used in the above photo and we used an air fryer)  Goes well with a mint dipping sauce or yogurt marinade, as per this lovely inspiration!


  1. Paneer (10 oz will be enough for about 8 kebabs)
  2. Bell peppers (1 of each color)
  3. Red onion
  4. Pineapple (okay to buy cubed which you can often get fresh in your local grocery market like this)


Cut all the ingredients into about 1 inch cubes

Slide the cubed ingredients in alternating colors onto skewers

Grill/bake and enjoy!

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